TurnKey Projects
Turnkey Pre-commissioning package
“Clean and Leak Free Guarantee”

The “Clean and Leak Free Guarantee” is a package structure that combines all the services required from construction to production to ensure that system is delivered clean and leak free on startup.
The problem

One of the common problems encountered is where clients focus on “construction complete” and not the company requirements of “ready for commissioning”
This often requires expensive re-work and significant project delays because construction teams haven’t fully considered following:
  • What is the final system acceptance criteria and specification to be achieved?
  • Can the system be physically tested in accordance with the specification?
  • Has the system design allowed for “ready for commissioning” to be achieved?
The Solution
An embedded team focused on “ready for commissioning” within the early of a project. The team works with the end in mind, ensuring that design, construction and operations are all targeted towards final acceptance.
Why Hydroserv?
  • Common Quality Standard: A single contractor, who can design, plan and execute a pre-commissioning work scope, providing a common standard that is maintained to project completion.
  • Start with the end in mind: A contractor that ensures the project is working towards “ready for commissioning “and not just “construction complete”.
  • Reduced Complexity: Single Source of services, minimizing interfacing issues and contracting complexities on large projects
  • Schedule Savings: By preempting pre-commissioning requirements and preventing system rework.
  • A quality Partner. Hydroserv is the largest provider of turnkey pre-commissioning services to the oil and gas industry and is brand name synonyms with quality.