Successful Projects


  Client Name Project Location Order Volume/Covered Scope
 1 Van Oord LLP Aktau,Kazakhstan Bautino Provision of materials and hydraulic services. Cleaning, Repairs and Hose management services of hydraulic hoses.

Hydro testing (pressure testing), oil flushing and chemical cleaning and drying services on required piping and hose systems

Full overhauling of various types of Cylinders.

 2 KCOI LLP Atyrau/Aktau –Kazakhstan Kashagan

EPC Projects

Provision of Chemical Cleaning of the piping

Flange Management Services.  Manual Torque Tightening, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning and Hydraulic Torque Tightening of various type of joints.

 3 Kom Munai LLP Aktau, Kazakhstan


Rent of three (3) complete, functioning of high pressure plunger pump and one (1) low pressure booster pump for early water injection
 4 Ersai LLP Aktau, Kazakhstan Provision of Cleaning and Flushing Services on BOP System on a first Kazakhstan Jack-up Drilling Rig
   5 Tengizchevroil Atyrau, Kazakhstan Provision of products and services for SGP/SGI plant on Tengiz (manufactured hoses for various types of industrial application, hose management system services) 


  Client Name Project Location Order Volume/Covered Scope


Caspian Shipyard Company



Baku, Azerbaijan


New Build Rig, CDC Istiglal Rig & Prime Exerter Rig:

Chemical cleaning, water flushing, hot oil flushing, N2 purging, Air Drying, high pressure testing, pressure gauge calibration, PRV testing of various systems, material supply (hoses, fittings & valves), fluid cleanliness particle sampling & counting as per client requirement, rental of filtration trolley, test pump, patch test kit, particle counter & chart recorder.

 2 Baku Shipyard Company LLC Baku, Azerbaijan

H103 Subsea construction Vessel, H105, H106, H107 Crew Boats & CDC Dadagorgud Rig :

Chemical cleaning, water flushing, hot oil flushing, N2 purging, Air Drying, pressure testing, of various systems material supply (hoses, fittings & valves).

 3 Saipem  Baku, Azerbaijan

STB1 Push Pull System:

Supply of Hoses, hot oil flushing, functional test of the hydraulic system based on client procedure & third party witnessing.

DBA, AHC Winch Hydraulic Motors:

Inspection, testing & repairing huge custom made motors along with client & OEM personnel in Hydroserv workshop
 4 Caspian Drilling Company Baku, Azerbaijan

CDC Istiglal & Dadagorgud Semisubmersible Rig:

API choke & Kill, Mud & Cement hoses recertification, offshore crane pumps, motors, cylinders service & supply, material supply (hoses, fittings & valves) & trouble shooting of various hydraulic systems in offshore / onshore. Pipe external, internal chemical cleaning, pressure testing for NOV manufactured ROV panels.

   5 KCA Deutag Baku, Azerbaijan

East Azeri, West Azeri & DWG Platforms:

Chemical cleaning, hot oil flushing, valve installations, tubing, filtration of oil, trouble shooting of hydraulic systems, rental of filtration trolley, chart recorder, test pumps.