We supply a full range of precommissioning, commissioning, cleaning, decommissioning solutions to the pipeline industry. Our inspection services, testing, cleaning and drying increase pipeline safety.

High Pressure testing

High Pressure testing of hoses, pipelines and vessels is performed to expose defective materials that missed prior deduction, expose possible leaks, ensure that any remaining defects are insignificant enough to allow operation at design pressures and serve as a final certification of the integrity of the system. Test pressure need to exceed the working pressure of the system.

Hyrdoserv have Air operated high pressure test pumps ranging up to 45,000 psi with 115 psi air pressure. These test pumps are compatible with water, oil & non corrosive liquids. These units are operated by pneumatic drive system. Portable, compact & low maintenance make up the advantages to select these for various applications like testing of pipelines, hoses (industrial, hydraulic & API) & pressure vessels.

Hydrostatic testing is a technique used in the oil and gas industry to prove the material quality, mechanical strength, and construction integrity of pressure retaining equipment (piping and vessels) before it enters or re-enters service.

The system is filled with water and hydraulically pressurised to the nominated test pressure. Typical test pressure is 150% x design pressure for process piping (ASME B31.3), or 130% x MAWP for vessels (ASME BPV, Section VIII). A hold period is then applied for a pre-determined amount of time. The pressure is then reduced to design pressure / MAWP and a visual inspection for leaks is carried out.

Pneumatic Pressure Testing

Whenever pressure testing with water cannot be performed, due to shortage of water and storage, waste restrictions, system configuration, moisture sensitive pipework, weight restrictions, or time limitations, pneumatic testing offers the ideal solution.