Filters and Strainers

Hydroserv has the complete technical and customer service support to provide our customers with optimum industrial filtration solutions.

We keep a wide range of filters and strainers – pressure filters, return line filters, suction strainers, offline filters and spin-on filters – from worldwide reputed filter manufacturers.



Pressure Filters: 
These pressure filters, designed for manifold mounting or inline, work at maximum 420 bar / 6,000 psi. The elements have high dirt-holding capacity, which ensures longer service life and reduced maintenance cost.

Return Line Filters: The return line filters, designed for in-line or tank top mounting, are suitable for 7,000 lpm / 1,850 US gpm. They are compact and easy to assemble and have high efficiency of contaminant removal. The high dirt-holding capacity of the elements ensures longer life and as a consequence reduced maintenance cost.

Suction Strainers: Hydraulic pumps and control systems should be protected from contaminants to run them efficiently. Hydroserv has suction strainers to use in hydraulic pumps to prevent the pump and other components in the hydraulic system from contaminants. They can filter coarse particles. In some cases they can be tank top mounted.

Off-Line Filters: These are designed to keep the system free of particle and water contamination. The filter elements are made of 0.5 micron media and capable of removing the smallest particle (silt) and absorbing water from the oil. This prevents the oil from chemical deterioration and acids and sludge formation.

Spin-On Filters: These can be used in suction or return line for low pressure operation. It has high efficiency of contaminant removal. Due to its compact size, it is best suited for difficult access areas.