Filter skids

Hydroserv Filter skids to filter fluid system cleanliness levels as per ISO 4406 cleanliness standards. Choice of absolute rated both side open filters (3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 μm) are used to ensure the best cleanliness of the system is maintained. These are units that are available in 3 ranges with single housing consisting of single filter element, double housing consisting of single filter element in each housing and triple housing with double filter elements in each housing. These can be used in hazardous area too. These skids are simple to connect, clean and maintain.

Hydroserv also supplies Duplex Cartridge Skid find extensive applications within the oilfield, powergen and utility industries. It is suitable for any applications in critical locations and comes fitted with all necessary valves, fittings and safety features to allow a versatile parallel and serial configuration. This duplex skid offers the most cost effective way to clean-up all kinds of fluids and its designed in such a way that it allows you to filter with one vessel or with two vessels (as two stage filtration). It allows filtering with one vessel and changing out easily the used cartridges of the other vessels at the same time.